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Sama Veda Srauta Sutras

The Srauta Sutras belonging to Sama Veda are Arshya Kalpa, Layayana Srauta Sutra, Drahyayana Srauta Sutra and Jaiminiya Srauta Sutra. Of these, the second and third are the principal ones, related respectively to the Kauthumaand the Ranayaniya branches.

A remarkable feature of Layayana Srauta Sutra is that the Sudras, nishads and vratyas are not referred to as accursed human beings, as is generally the case in other Vedic texts. It follows closely Pancavimsa Brahmana and also quotes lengthy passages from it. It contains references to numerous authorities, betraying Layayana’s vast knowledge and profound erudition.

Drahyayana Srauta Sutra seems to be a later recast of Layayana Srauta Sutra. Most of the sutras are common in both, but we find numerous changes in the form of alterations, additions and omissions in the former.