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Mampazhathurai Bhagavathi Temple Near Aryankavu Ayyappa Temple – Story

Mampazhathurai Bhagavathi temple is located near the famous Aryankavu Ayyappa Temple. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi. As per one story, the shrine is dedicated to Goddess Pushkala. As per another belief the shrine is dedicated to Goddess Yakshi.

As per one story the Goddess is Pushkala. Ayyappa had married Pushakal, who belonged to the Saurashtrian community that settled in Madurai. It is said that once Ayyappa happened to see Pushkala cooking a hunted deer. As Ayyappa was vegetarian, he was angered by the incident and asked Pushkala to stay away from the Aryankavu temple premises. In anger, she went and sat at the spot where the present Mambazha Thurai Bhagavathi temple is located.

Another story has it that the marriage between Pushkala and Ayyappa was fixed. But the day before marriage, Pushkala had her monthly periods. Therefore it was impossible for the marriage ceremony to take place. Ayyappa saw this as an omen and decided to stay Brahmachari or celibate and he asked Pushkala to stay at the present Mampazhathurai Bhagavathi temple.

The murti of Mampazhathurai Bhagawathi is in fierce form – Ugra Swaroopini. She carries Trishul and Kapalam. Some scholars are of the view that Mampazhathurai Bhagavathi is a yakshi and she had the blessing of Ayyappa and she protects the region.