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Indifference To Success And Failure – Teachings From Bhagavad Gita

Indifference to success and failure from Chapter V of Bhagavad Gita.

One who is not affected by the success or failure (or gains and losses) of his actions is a person with sense of equability. He is the Brahman personified. Due to the limitless internal bliss of the Self he is not attracted towards the external worldly pleasures.

It is only those who have not experienced this internal bliss that are attracted towards the impermanent worldly pleasures.  

The pleasures of the sense-objects are actually miseries from the beginning to the end but ignorant people cannot do without them.  It is these people who are addicted to the sense pleasures that have given the appearance of truth to this worldly delusion of Maya.

Persons who have controlled passions totally are not at all aware of the sorrows born out of sense-pleasures.  They are internally filled with bliss. But their way of enjoying that bliss is unusual. They are not aware that they are the enjoyers because they are in a state of egolessness and oneness with the Supreme.

This Bliss of the Self is the best, is indestructible and limitless. Only the desireless persons are worthy of it.

If you ask how these persons reached this stage while still living, it is because first they give up the pleasures with dispassion and concentrating at the point in between the eyebrows and while controlling the breath (Pranayama), they meditate with their eyes turned backwards. Thus their mind turns inwards and through the state of samadhi they take the life-force and the mind upwards towards the experience of Brahman. When mind dissolves, all desires and ego also dissolve. Therefore he who experiences the bliss becomes one with Brahman while still living.