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Hindu Wisdom Nuggets From Hindu Blog

A collection of Hindu wisdom nuggets from oral and various other sources.

Always realize that Today is not Yesterday.

Spirituality should not be used as an excuse to escape from responsibility.

Discharging our duties to the best of our ability is also spirituality.

Spiritualism should not be forced upon. It should come naturally.

Standing alone does not mean we are wrong.

Always remember we all belong the same source and we all will return to the same source.

Spirituality begins the day we realize how far we have moved away from our true self.

Present is what matters. The old baggage of past we carry is a burden and it stinks and pollutes our present.

Flowers evolve into tasty fruits. People who have done bad to us in the past might have changed now.

Avoid typecasting. People change with time.

The habit of keeping old grudges in mind affects our mental and physical health. We also knowingly or unknowingly pass it to our children and next generation in the family.

When we constantly discuss our bad past and bitterness, children get influenced by them and ignore the present. Such children keep grudges in mind and get alienated.

Man seeks a helping hand in the hour of darkness and crises. This helping hand can be termed as God or Supreme Truth. The Supreme Truth is within us but we do not realize it. As a result, we end up in darkness and crises. Realize the Truth to get rid of darkness and crises.