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Dreaming Of Khaki Pants – Meaning – Khaki Clothes Dreams

Dreaming of khaki pants is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream can be trouble from authorities. It can also mean you will be getting a new job but not of your liking. Dreams of khaki clothes and you are happy means you will have desire fulfillment especially related to career.

Dream of khaki pants and you wake up worried, terrified or crying means you will do something in near future that might result in getting into legal trouble. The dream also means your friends will create headaches for you and it will result in a scandal.

Dreaming of khaki clothes and you are happy means you will return back to something you like. It also means a new appointment. The dream also means you will get opportunity to meet your old friends.

Dreams of running or fighting and khaki pants mean your enemies will be very active. Your anger or over enthusiasm will result in physical danger.