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Dreaming Of Keys – Meaning

Dreaming of keys is both positive and negative sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will understand the solution to a perplexing problem and it will bring wealth or fame or peace in your life. Dreams of keys are also a sign that you will find it hard to open something as you have misplaced the key. Symbolically, it means you will forget your real self and go after unwanted things.

Dream of keys and you know the keys mean you will retrieve a lost item. It also means you need to be careful about important documents and items like keys etc as you might lose them or misplace them in near future.

Dreaming of keys and they are unknown means you will be able to find answers to problems that has been haunting you. It also means finding things belonging to others.

Dreams of broken key means failure in finding a correct answer. It also means damage to furniture or other important things in your home.

Dream of keys flying around is warning sign and it means you will get robbed.

Dreaming of you picking up key means you will get back something you had thought was lost forever.