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Dreaming Of Jumping Off A Cliff – Meaning

Dreaming of jumping off a cliff is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is a sign that soon you will face serious difficulties in life and you will have suicidal thoughts. It also means difficulties in a relationship or career. Dreams of jumping off a cliff mean depression or you will not be able to face a tough situation and you will try to end your life instead of boldly facing it.

Dreams of jumping off a cliff and you see others around means sudden anger or reaction to an accusation. It also means someone will make fun of you or insult you and in anger you might do something untoward.

Dreaming of jumping off a cliff and you do not know the place means you make plans to end life after a failure or rejection. The dream means you need to avoid all kinds of negative thoughts.

Dream of jumping off a cliff means you should keep yourself calm and be patient. This is a warning sign and someone is trying to help you out. Avoid overreacting to any situation. Try to find something that you like in difficult times or remember people you love. You should try to be careful and keep in touch with your near and dear ones after the dream.