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Dreaming Of Jealousy – Meaning – Being Jealous Dream

Dreaming of jealousy is bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face unexpected problem in life or accidents due to prejudice and indulging in unhealthy competition. It also means your mind and thoughts will be not in your control. Dreams of being jealous also mean failure and bad luck.

Dream of jealousy and you see yourself in the dream means family problems, dispute, resentment and split among family members. It is wise to be patient and to keep quiet during quarrels.

Dreams o jealousy and you running or escaping means you will do illegal things for success and this will result in problems.

Dreaming of jealousy and you are happy means suicidal tendencies. It also means death of an enemy.

Dream of jealousy and you know the person of whom you are jealous about means disputes and fights in personal life.