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Dreaming Of Imprisonment – Meaning

Dreaming of imprisonment is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be soon entering into a phase of life filled with difficulties and bad decisions. Dreams of imprisonments mean you need to keep the light of wisdom and spirituality burning to avoid pitfalls in life. You should avoid anger and short temper. Never act in haste.

Dream of imprisonment and you can see yourself struggling means bad friendship or bad decisions will result in serious problems including damage to property or death of another person. You should avoid all kinds of illegal activities after the dream.

Dreaming of imprisonment and you do not see yourself in the dream means you will be troubled by your enemies. You will be attacked suddenly both emotionally and physically.

Dream of imprisonment and you wake up crying or terrified are a sign that you will get into trouble in an unknown place. You should avoid unwanted journeys and lonely places.