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Dreaming Of Id Card – Meaning – Identity Card Dream

Dreaming of id card is can be both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means new job or change of career. It also means additional responsibilities and change of routine. Dreams of identity card and you are searching for it frantically means threat to your job or problems at workplace due to impersonation or theft.

Dream of id card and you are not present in the dream means someone else will make use of your identity card to create problems for you. It also means you will have to take up something new in life and you are not interested in it.

Dreaming of id card and you are happy and elated is a sign of desire fulfillment related to new job and there will be satisfaction.

Dreams of id card and there is lot of color and other people in it means acceptance and award. It also means permission to visit a particular function or place of desire.