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Dreaming Of Hugging Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of hugging someone is good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. You can expect good fortune and better luck in near future. It also means success. Dreams of hugging someone also means you will get emotional support when it is most needed.

Dream of hugging someone you are happy means you are going to overcome emotional problems and will solve relationship issues. Someone who had misunderstood you will come back to your life. It also means seeing people after a long period of time.

Dreaming of you seeing someone else hugging means you will be of great help in solving a problem of your friend or relative.

Dream of family members or friends or relatives hugging is a sign of happiness in family. There will be happy occasion like marriage or get together.

Dream of you hugging someone and you are crying means you will regret an action of yours in near future. You should control your temper and avoid fights after seeing the dream.