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Dreaming of Honeymoon – Meaning

Dreaming of honeymoon is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon find happiness and joy but it will be short lived. You will have to get back to the hardships of life quickly after a short period of enjoyment. Dreams of honeymoon mean new relationship. It also means not understanding the true color of someone.

Dream of honeymoon and you do not see yourself in it means you might not be happy with certain decisions of your family members. It also means you will be forced to accept someone into your life.

Dreaming of honeymoon and there are colors and fruits in it means getting carried away by a situation. It also means pleasure and gratification.

Dreams of honeymoon and you happen to see exotic places means desire fulfillment. It also means traveling to distant places.

Dream of honeymoon and you wake up sad or terrified is a sign that you are going to get involved in a bad relationship.