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Dreaming Of Helicopter Crash – Meaning

Dreaming of helicopter crash is negative and bad sign for future as per dream meaning and interpretation. It means that a dream of yours will be shattered. Dreams of helicopter crash also mean your hard work will not get you the desired result. It means getting trouble in unwanted places or you going to places that are not safe.

The dream of helicopter crash and you on it means you will face accidents from fire, vehicle or iron in near future.

The dream of you simply witnessing a helicopter crash means you will be helpless in difficult situation in which your friends or family members are involved.

Dream of you escaping a helicopter crash means change of luck. You will get unexpected positive news regarding career or money matters.

Dream of helicopter crash and seeing you dead means you will face serious health issues related to limbs.

Please note that the dream to have a meaning it should happen without any daytime influence. Seeing helicopter crash dream after watching, reading or hearing during daytime has not meaning.