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Dreaming Of Cooking Khichdi – Meaning – Making Khichdi Dream

Dreaming of cooking khichdi is a positive sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will have peaceful period with no major disturbance in near future. It also means due to bad health you will decide to have simple homemade foods. Dreams of making khichdi are a sign of arrival of old people in your home.

Dream of cooking khichdi and you are happy means there will be progress regarding career, relationship or property. The dream also means better health and new opportunity.

Dreaming making khichdi in anger or your frustrated means you will be kept busy by other people in home. You will also realize that you doing nothing with your life and this will result in fights with family members.

Dreams of cooking khichdi with other people means you will get help from people during an important function or crisis.

Dreaming of cooking khichdi and it going bad or getting burned means you will be unhappy with the behavior of a person. It also means fights or tension in life.