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Different Types Of Men In Ancient Hindu Sexuality And Eroticism Texts

Different types of men are mentioned in various ancient Hindu texts dealing in sexuality and eroticism. Vatsyayana and his commentator Yashodhara, and the sources quoted by the latter, all mention the threefold classification of men into

  1. Shasha
  2. Vrisha
  3. Ashva

However, Vatsyayana avoids any mention of the sizes of the penis in angulas.

While Kokkoka in his Rati Rahasya mentions Vatsyayana as his source, Padmashri and Kalyanamalla do not mention Vatsyayana, though they use the same classification. Praudhadevaraya follows Vatsyayana, but adds a verse (II-35) of his own where he paris Shashaka with Padmini type women, Vrisha with both Chitrini and Shankhini types of women and Haya with Hastini type women. Rudra in his Samaradipika says that Shashaka paris well with Padmini, Mriga with Chitrini, Vrishabha with Shankhini and Haya with Hastini. Minnath probably follows Kokkoka but adds that in the case of Vrishabha, the phallus measures ten angulas.

Three other writers however – Jayadeva, Rudra and Jyotirisha – mention an additional classification of men: the Mriga type; the ayama (length) of the phallus of Mriga type is eight angulas while that of the Vrisha type is ten angulas. Jyotirisvara omits any mention of the ayama of the Mriga type but gives that of the Vrisha as nine angulas.

Similarly, Harihara gives a fourfold classification of men, but under different heads – Panchala, Kuchimara, Datta and Bhadra.

Madhava, on the other hand, has classified men into five categories – Mriga, Barkara, Vrisha, Turaga and Rasabha, with the ayama as six, eight, ten, twelve and fourteen angulas respectively. The ayama of the Rasabha type is considered extra large for a human being, and although Virbhadra certainly knew about this classification, he has discreetly omitted any reference to the ayama.

There is a third fourfold classification of men by Vasavadatta Bhoja – Akarshaka (attracts), Chumbaka (desirous of contacting every part of the body), Dravaka (pleases with glances) and Bhramaka (pleases with speech. Is either well liked or hated).

Yet another fourfold classification of men by Shivarama in Darpana states - Akarshaka (attracts), Chumbaka (kisses lovingly), Dravaka (melts even frigid women and satisfies them) and Bhramaka (while attached to one woman deceives another).

Source - Excerpts from an introduction in the text titled ‘The Hindu Secrets Of Love Rati Rahasya Of Pandit Kokkoka.’