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Devotee Transformed Into God – From Story Of Prahlada

Devotee transformed into God is an exalted state, which we cannot comprehend. It is written of the boy Prahlada that he reached that state. Prahlada did not care for anything but love of God. He always prayed: ‘O Lord, that intense love, which the ignorant bear for worldly things, may I have the same for Thee; may I have the same intensity of love for Thee, but only for love’s sake.’ Not for wealth, not for prosperity, not for health did Prahlada pray. All these were as nothing to him compared with the pure love for God, love for just love’s sake.

That is a wonderful story, the story of Prahlada, who even in his childhood found the greatest pleasure in worshipping Vishnu, the omnipresent Bhagavan of the universe. And that though he had to meet with the most cruel treatment from the hands of his enraged father, the wicked daitya king Hiranyakashipu, who had conquered the devas and who was the supreme ruler of heaven and other spheres. 

But through all the torture inflicted on the boy, his mind was so intent upon Vishnu that he felt no pain. The more cruelly he was treated, the more intense became the boy’s prayer to his beloved Vishnu. ‘Salutation to Thee, Bhagavan of the universe, Thou beautiful Vishnu,’ he would repeat again and again. ‘Thus thinking and meditating on Vishnu, (says Swami Vivekananda) he began to feel that Vishnu was near him, nay, that He was in his own soul, until he began to feel that he was Vishnu, and that he was everything and everywhere.’

Prahlada’s father was so enraged because the boy insisted on worshipping Vishnu though the king had proclaimed himself the Lord of the universe and though he had issued orders throughout his domain that he and no other should be worshipped as the only God. The king had caused the boy to be bound with enormous snakes and thus securely tied, to be thrown into the ocean, and his body to be covered by huge mountains, so that he would surely perish. But when Prahlada realized his unity with Vishnu, ‘all the snake-bonds snapped asunder, the mountains were pulverized, the ocean heaved up and he was gently lifted up above the waves, and safely carried to the shore. 

Then, as he stood there Prahlada forgot that he had a mortal body; he felt he was the universe and all the powers of the universe emanated from him. There was nothing in nature that could injure him; he himself was the ruler of nature. Time passed thus in one unbroken ecstasy of bliss, until gradually Prahlada began to remember that he had a body and that he was Prahlada. As soon as he became once more conscious of the body, he said that God was within and without, and everything appeared to him as Vishnu.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter VII Verse 16 – Source - Reflections on the Bhagavad Gita By Swami Atulananda – Prabuddha Bharata August 2003 Issue.