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Camakam In Sri Rudram

Camakam is an appendix in eleven sections to Sri Rudram in the Taittiriya Samhita of Yajur Veda, and is chanted after Sri Rudram. The devotee pleads to Bhagavan Rudra for every kind of welfare with the utterance of ‘ca me’ (ca: and me: for me), hence the name Camakam.

The prayers include everything that makes life a smooth and peaceful journey. This shows that the people of the Vedic age had abundant zest for a prosperous and pleasurable life on earth. They had strong faith in the future as the prayers envisage continued felicity for all future (bhavishya) generations to come. The prayers are not for earthly possessions and pleasures alone, but also for virtuous conduct, sweet speech, truth , fame, etc.,as well as Shreyas (for the best in life after death).

The commentary on this Chamakam hymn by Sayana is very popular.