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Bhima Of Pandavas Worshipped In Nepal – Hindu God Bhimsen

Bhima, the second brother among the Pandavas in the Mahabharata, is worshipped in Nepal as a deity. In Nepal, Bhimsen or Bhimsena is the Hindu God of trade especially among the Newar community.

The deity is depicted with legs astride and he holds a long club or gada (mace). He wears a headgear and wears long clothes.

He is worshipped in the first floor of a temple and is sometimes depicted as annihilating demons, which are symbolically wises in human beings.

The belief is that those who worship Bhimsen achieve profit in business and the deity also protects business interests of the worshipper throughout the world. For this reason, murti of Bhimsen are typically carried to by Newar business community wherever their business operates in the world.

Lion is the vehicle of Bhima in Nepal and it can be seen in Bhimsen temples.