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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 19 – Meaning

At the end of numerous births the man of wisdom takes refuge with Me, realizing that all this is Vasudeva (the universal Spirit). Such a great soul is very seldom to be found. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 19)

To reach that highest knowledge, the supreme realization that God is the soul of all beings, requires many lives of preparation. It is the crown of success, that comes only to the jnani of mature wisdom. He could not possibly escape Him. Where could he go where God is not? He is omnipresent in the external universe. He is also internal, the soul, the substance, of things. Such a jnani is very difficult to find. His spiritual eye is opened. He is de-hypnotized. He is the true mahatma, the great soul. None is equal or superior to him. Therefore such souls are very rare. ‘Among thousands who strive for perfection scarcely one knows Me in Truth,’ said Sri Krishna. He is free; that realization has made him free. For him there is no more birth, no more delusion, no more ignorance. The Truth has made him free.

This is the fulfilment of Sri Krishna’s promise made in the beginning of the chapter. ‘I will declare to thee this knowledge with realization, which being known naught else remains to be known.’ The chapter deals with Vijnana Yoga. A vijnani is one who possesses an intimate knowledge of God. Sri Ramakrishna said: ‘A vijnani is he who has realized God in samadhi, both as Personal and Impersonal. He has talked to God. He has ministered unto Him, as his Father, or Mother, Wife or Brother. According to the testimony of these perfect men, the world is the manifestation of the Personal God. From Him the human soul and all created things have been evolved. Bhagavan reveals Himself unto the Rishis from time to time for the salvation of mankind, as well as for the joy of His devotees.’ Sri Krishna has said that such men are very few. In the following verses He tells us why others do not see God as the soul of all.