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Atharva Veda Srauta Sutras

The only Srauta Sutra belong to Atharva Veda is named Vaitana Sutra. It consists of eight chapters or adhyayas divided into forty three kandikas. It follows the Saunaka recension of Atharva Veda and cites its mantras by Pratika, whereas those from the Paippalada recension and other Samhitas are quoted in full.

Vaitana Sutra is not the product of practices in Srauta ceremonies but a somewhat conscious effort made at a time when the Atharvavedins began to feel the need of a distinctive Srauta manual to support their claim that Atharva Veda is a canonical Veda of independent and superior character. Strictly speaking, it is the Srauta Sutra only of the 20th kanda of Atharva Veda and not of the whole of it.