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Which One Of Your Image Is The Real You?

When you use the word 'I' what exact image do you have about yourself? When you were a child you considered yourself nothing other than a child and were happy enough to play with toys. Later, you were a young man, with strength enough in your arms to tackle a couple of elephants, and you thought you could face anything or anyone in this world. You are now in your middle age, a little mellower but nonetheless enjoying life and its pleasures, and you think you are a happy and successful man, blessed with a nice family. At present you have an image about yourself that is quite different from the images you had earlier. Imagine yourself ten years hence and further twenty years later. The image you will then have about yourself will be different from all the earlier ones. Which one of these images is the real 'you'? Have you ever thought about it? Is there any particular identity that you can call your very own and which has remained with you throughout, unchanged and unchangeable?

Well, there is something which has remained unchanged all these years, while everything else has been changing. And that is the constant sense of presence, the sense that you exist. This sense has never changed. This is your constant image.

The moment there is a thought of 'me' as a separate personality, there is what is termed 'bondage'. To realize this is the end of all seeking. When you apperceive that whatever you think yourself to be is only based on memory and anticipation, your search ends and you stand aloof in full awareness of the false as false.