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What Are The Hindu Temples To Visit Every Day During Week Days?

Hindu devotees have numerous doubts regarding which temple to visit on a day of a week. Here is the answer to the query – what are the Hindu temples to visit every day during week days.

  1. Monday – Shiva Temple
  2. Tuesday – Hanuman Temple
  3. Wednesday – Krishna or Ganesha Temple or Goddess Saraswathi Temple
  4. Thursday – Vishnu or Goddess Lakshmi Temple
  5. Friday – Goddess Durga or Murugan Temple or Goddess Santhoshi or any Mother Goddess Temple

  • Saturday – Hanuman Temple or Navagrahas
  • Sunday – Navagrahas or any temple
Most Hindu temples in South India have all the deities in a single temple. Exclusive temples dedicated to a particular deity is more common in West, North and Eastern parts of India.