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We Cannot Have Both Worldly Pursuits And Spiritual Enlightenment

People come to me (Nisargadatta Maharaj) and ask me with all respect if I would like to accompany them to see a play or a movie, but I know that I shall not get happiness from these things because the bliss or happiness flows out of me or is in me, it does not come from some external object or pursuit. You cannot have both things together, worldly pursuits and spiritual enlightenment. The worldly interests and pursuits have to be gradually left off. That state beyond is bliss, full to the brim, you just have to go beyond the mind.

By the mental repetition of the mantra all the knowledge that is necessary for you will spring forth. All the sages have attained the highest knowledge by the Grace of the mantra alone. The mantra should be synchronized with the vital breath. When the vital breath leaves the body it is then said to be dead. The mantra repetition should become spontaneous and not forced.

The Mantra and the Self are the same. The mantra awakens the Self, which lies dormant within us. It has nothing to do with the body. An aspirant should care for two things only – the mantra and the Self, nothing else. This mental repetition of the mantra awakens the kundalini spontaneously. There is no need of any other method to awaken it.

Turia is the support of the other three states – waking, dream and deep sleep. It is their substratum. If non-apprehension goes away then the duality goes away and Turia becomes Reality and is no longer a state. Consciousness in its purity is Turia (pure I am) but I am beyond it and living in (as) the Reality.

Sourcebook titled Gleanings from Nisargadatta page 67