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We Can Realize Truth Only Through Freedom

Any religion or ism or ideology that is against freedom of human being is unnatural. Such ideology will ruin the world. There is nothing higher than freedom. A human being can realize truth only through freedom.

Human beings need absolute freedom to achieve self realization. Forcing people to believe that only this is true is unnatural. The beauty of Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism is that it is a vast ocean constantly filled with thousands of rivers. Each individual in Sanatana Dharma is a river. And the river has the absolute freedom to follow its path. The river can finally merge in the ocean or merge in a lake or never merge in anything or just disappear on its way. This is the reason why you find an atheist and a theist in a Hindu family. They both can coexist peacefully.

Individual is of prime importance and it has greater value than any religion or ideology. Religion or ideology should be for the progress of human beings not the other way around. But sadly we see that human beings are cut to the same size to fit into an ideology or ism or religion.

Anything that is forced will be crumble in due course of time. Religion or ideology has to come on its own. When truth is not realized, we have hatred and intolerance. We see monolithic religions spreading hate and violence. These religions are hollow and they can now survive only through hatred. To hate those who do not follow their religion or ideology. Go to war against people who do not follow their religion.

If you want to know truth, then start the quest on your own. Do not believe signposts to be your destination. All ideologies and religions have become stagnant pools. They stink now. You should be like the ever flowing river. You need to be continuously flowing. And once you have realized or experienced truth do not create another ideology and religion. Keep flowing and never create stagnant pools.

Abhilash Rajendran