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The Wiser Man Shapes Into The Good Plan Of God

‘A hint of life’ is a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox in the January 1910 issue of the Prabuddha Bharata Magazine.

Don’t look for the flaws as you go through life;

And, even when you find them,

It is wise and kind to be somewhat blind,

And look for the virtues behind them.

For the cloudiest night has a hint of light

Somewhere in the shadows hiding.

It is better by far to hunt for a star

Than the spot on the sun abiding.

The world will never adjust itself

To suit your whims to the letter.

Something must go wrong your whole life long;

And the sooner you know it, the better.

It is folly to fight with the Infinite,

And go under at last in the wrestle;

The wiser man shapes into God’s good plan,

As the water shapes into a vessel.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox