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Story Of Leprosy Curse On Samba Son Of Sri Krishna In Sarala Mahabharata

The Sarala Mahabharata of Odisha gives prominence to Sun worship and Bhagavan Surya appears in many incidents in the popular Odia version of the Mahabharata. Samba the sun of Krishna was cursed with leprosy and Sarala Mahabharata connects the incident with Surya Deva.

Once Bhagavan Sri Krishna, while residing in Dwaraka, was in the house of his queen Jambavati. His son Samba Kumar acted as the sentry.

Narada arrived and wanted to meet Bhagavan Krishna immediately. Samba was not in a position to yield to Narada’s demand. Narada became angry and threatened to destroy the entire Dwaraka.

Samba was helpless and had no alternative but to go into the palace of Queen Jambavati. Krishna and Jambavati were in an intimate embrace. Out of shame Jambavati left the room and Krishna was infuriated and cursed him with leprosy. The curse took effect immediately.

When Sri Krishna heard the news that Narada had come to visit him, he came out followed by his son. Narada heard everything and saw the disfigurement of Samba with his own eyes. He felt regretful about Samba’s distress. He advised Samba to go to Konark and worship Surya Deva in order to get cured of this incurable disease.