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Shiva Mantra For Forgiveness – Sin Redemption

There is a particular Shiva Mantra which can be chanted daily for forgiveness and for sin redemption. The mantra can be chanted at night just before going to sleep. It is believed that this will help a devotee to achieve goodness and to start the next day afresh.

Shiva Mantra For Forgiveness
Om Karacharanakritam Va Kayajm Karmajm Va
Shravanayanajm Va Manasm Vaparadm
Vihithamavihitham Va Sarvamethath Kshemaswa
Shiva Shiva Karunabde Shrimahadeva Shambho

ॐ करचरणकृतं व कायजं कर्मजं व 
श्रवणयनाजं व मानसं वपर्डम 
विहितमविहितम व सर्वमेतत क्षमास्वा 
शिवा शिवा करुणाब्धे श्रीमहादेव शम्भो 

Meaning – Please forgive me for committing any kind of mistakes through hands or legs or through my strength or through daily karma. Please forgive me for seeing and listening to sins. Please forgive me for committing sins in the mind. Please forgive me for mistakes committed while using words. Forgive me for hurting other living beings intentionally or unintentionally. All prayers to Shiva Mahadev who is an ocean of mercy and compassion.