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Sharing The Joy Of Infinite With Others

One in a million will be lucky to realize the infinite joy and when this person comes back and shares it, others unlucky living beings are inspired to aspire for the infinite.

The one who has realized the joy of infinite can only give us information about bliss. It is for each living being to realize it.

There was an infinite field beyond a high wall. Four friends tried to find out what was beyond the wall. Three of them, one after the other, climbed the wall, saw the field, burst into loud laughter, and dropped to the other side. These three could not give any information about the field. Only the fourth man came back and told people about it. He is like those who retain their bodies, even after attaining Brahmajnana, in order to teach others. Divine Incarnations belong to this class. (as told by Sri Ramakrishna)

None of the first three persons had the patience or capacity to turn back and tell their friends what was happening inside. Only the fourth could check himself, thinking of the countless people living outside who were unaware of this place of joy. So he climbed down, told everyone about this joyful place, and shared the joy with the others in the enclosure.