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Patan Lalitpur Kumbeshwar Temple

Patan Lalitpur Kumbeshwar temple is located at Patan in Nepal. The temple is dedicated to Shiva who is worshipped here as Kumbheshwar. Also known as Kumbhesvara, the temple was built in 1392 CE. The temple is a rare five-tiered pagoda style temple. The deity is also referred to as Sraveshvar.

The temple is built around a natural spring and Kumbha or pot is associated with fertility and abundance. It is believed that Chandra, the moon good, and Sage Agastya had installed the Shivling here. As per a popular story, Chandra was cursed by Shiva for his immoral behavior. For sin redemption he consecrated the Shivling here.

Yet another story is that of a farmer with leprosy accidently finding the Shivling and drinking from a spring near it. The farmer was cured of his leprosy.

The famous Kumbeshwar tank or pond is located near the temple. Thousands of devotees take a holy in the tank during auspicious occasion especially during the Purnima or full moon day in Shravan month (July – August).

There is also a belief that the holy tank at Kumbeshwar is connected Gosainkunda Lake, around 50 km away on the mountains. People who have lost their things in lake have later found it in the holy tank at Kumbeshwar.

The temple is noted for its wooden sculptures especially that of Bhairav and Ashta Matrikas.

There is a separate Ganesh temple in the premises known as Konti Ganesh. Another temple nearby is that of Goddess Bagalamukhi.