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Patan Harishankar Temple Nepal

Patan Harishankar temple is located at the Durbar Square at Patan in Nepal. The shrine is dedicated to the combined form of Bhagavan Vishnu and Mahadev Shiva. The shrine is believed to have been built during the first decade of the 17th century CE by Rudramati, the sister of King Yoga Narendra Malla. The sculptures on the roof of the temple depict scenes from the hell concept mentioned in Garuda Purana./p>

The three-tiered pagoda style temple was completed during the earthquake of 2015.

The temple was rebuilt using surviving materials of the temple. Woods that survived the quake were resembled. The temple has numerous sculptures and intricate woodwork. There are also stone sculptures.

There are several other temples around the Patan Harishankar temple.

Shivratri and festivals of Vishnu are observed in the temple.