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Patan Chandeshwori Temple – Lalitpur Nepal

Patan Chandeshwori temple is located near Durbar square at Lalitpur (present name of Patan) in Nepal. The temple believed to have been built in 1667 CE and lies on the banks of a pond. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Chandeshwori form of Goddess Durga – Kumari or virgin form of Mother Goddess is worshipped here.

Local history has once Mother Goddess arrived in the place to watch a mask dance. People who recognized the Goddess asked her to reside in the place. The temple was constructed on the spot where the Goddess agreed to the wish of the people.

The temple has a three-tiered roof supported by wooden struts.

There is a small guest house in front of the temple. The shrine has numerous sculptures of various deities from Hindu pantheon.

The temple is now completely sandwiched between residential buildings.