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Nala Ugrachandi Nala Bhagwati Temple – Nepal

Nala Bhagwati temple is located at Nala Ugrachandi in Nepal. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati, a popular name of Mahishasura Mardini Durga in this region. This is a four-tiered pagoda temple. The murti of Bhagawati worshipped here is one among the four Bhagawati murtis found in various temples in Nepal.

The original murti of Goddess Bhagwati was beautiful but now it has undergone numerous changes due to pujas and other rituals. The murti is carved in stone or shila.

The temple has rest houses on either side. There are also beautiful stone and wooden sculptures. The shrine is also a rare surviving four-tiered temple. There is also a fountain which used to serve the water needs of the area adjacent to the temple.

There is a beautiful Ganesha murti within the temple complex.

There is a belief that the murti of Nala Bhagwati sweats indicating an upcoming disaster.

The annual festival in the temple is known as Nala Jatra. Special festivals are held in the shrine on Bhadrapada Krishna paksha tritiya and on Vijayadasami day.

Saturday is the most important day in the temple.

The ground floor, which is semi open, consists of wooden arches with toranas of the goddess Mahishamardini. The first and fourth roofs are supported by figure struts which show Bhairab and the Saptamatrikas, and the Ashta Matrikas. In the courtyard are images of Ganesh and Ashtadasabh, three dhwaja stambha, a dhungedhara, and a stone inscription from the Lichchhavi period. The temple was built in 1646 by Suthandal Vishva and renovated in 1934.