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Mathura Devi – Woman Saint Of Kashmir – Life History

Mathura Devi Ji is a celebrated Hindu saintly woman of Kashmir. Born in a Kashmiri Brahmin family to Pandita Hari Kaul at Verinag in 1878, she nurtured a quest for the Supreme Truth since her childhood.

At the age of 14, she was married to Bhagavandas Kandru of Anantnag. But the marriage lasted for about 3 years only, since her husband passed away in his teens. With all her fervor for the divine, she returned to her parental home at Verinag. Here she started spiritual practice with full fervor under, the guidance of Pandit Sridhara Ju Sarabi of Srinagar. Pandit Shridhar guided his young disciple with great love and care.

With the help of her brother, Pandit Govind Kaul, who was himself a pious man, a small hut was constructed for her tapasya (severe austerities) on the bank of Vitasta River, running close to her parental house. In the ground floor of her hut she dug a pit for her sadhana. After an unbroken tapasya of three years, she gained supreme realization. Her face glowed with divine fervor and luster. Thereafter she spread her spiritual message to thousands of devotees who came to seek her guidance and blessings. She laid emphasis on righteous living and came to be regarded as the embodiment of virtue.

Mathura Devi threw off her mortal frame and merged with Paramashiva after 106 years, at Vernag on January 5, 1985.