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Manappady Kadambottaya Narasimha Temple

Manappady Kadambottaya Narasimha temple is located at Manappady – Pathaikkara near Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to the Sree Narasimha Moorthy Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu. The temple was completely destroyed by Tipu Sultan. The head of the murti of Narasimha worshipped in the temple was cut off during the Moplah Lahala in which thousands of Hindus were killed and many forcibly converted to Islam.

The temple has been renovated and new murti of Bhagwan Narasimha installed in the temple. The sankalpam of Narasimha here is that of his peaceful form blessing and guiding young Prahlada.

The shrine observes various festivals associated with Vishnu including Vishu, Narasimha Jayanti, Ramayana Masam, Ashtami Rohini, Thiruvonam and Thrikarthika.

Ekadashi and Chaturdashi tithi are important in the temple.