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Malayalam Dhairya Lakshmi Mantra

Dhairya Lakshmi Mantra is dedicated to Goddess Dhairyalakshmi one of the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi – Ashtalakshmi. Below is Malayalam Dhairya Lakshmi mantra. The mantra is chanted for courage and to face problems in life boldly. The mantra is also chanted for success, honor and for recognition.

Those failing to get promotion, respect, appreciation and gratitude will see changes after chanting the mantra.

The mantra is chanted daily 108 times. It is also the ideal mantra to chat on Thursdays. People chanting the mantra should wear yellow color dress.

സർവജ്ഞേ സർവവരദേ, സർവദുഷ്ടഭയങ്കരീ
സർവദു:ഖഹരേ ദേവീ  മഹാലക്ഷ്മീ നമോസ്തുതേ