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Kirtipur Uma Maheshwar Temple – Nepal

Kirtipur Uma Maheshwar temple is located on the northwest side of Kirtipur in Nepal. The temple is dedicated to Mahadev Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The three-storied temple was built during the 17th century CE. The temple is also known as Bhavani Shankar.

The east facing sanctum sanctorum has a murti of Uma Maheshwara is carved in stone or shila – Shiva sits cross-legged embracing his wife, Goddess Parvati or Uma. The murti is flanked by Nandi and a ion.

The shrine also has murtis of Devi in the South, Durga in the west and Goddess Saraswathi in the north.

The temple has numerous sculptures of Ashta Matrikas and gods and goddesses from Hindu pantheon. There are also sculptures of Bhimsen and Kuber. There are also stone sculptures of elephants and crocodiles. Apart from the temple has extensive wood works