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Kainady Karumathra Temple In Kuttanad Kerala – Famous For Poison Treatment

Kainady Karumathra temple is located at Karumathra – Kainady in Kuttanad in Alappuzha district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Ittiachan, a manifestation of Shiva, and Amma. The shrine is famous for curing venom related problems especially that of spider poison. The shrine is famous for treating all kinds of infections and poisonous bites of reptiles.

The deities in the temple belonged to Karumathra family - a Tantric and Manthravadi family of the region. It is believed that Ittiachan (a maha manthrikan) and Amma had the blessings of Shiva and thus they were able to cure people who were bitten by spiders and snakes.

Kadalipazham naivedyam is an important offering in the shrine. People make offerings in the shrine for good harvest, for early cure of skin diseases and also for relief from snake bites. The treatment involves avoid of non-vegetarian food. Cleanliness and devotion are important aspects. People suffering from poison problem are given Bhasmam, Theertham and Kadalipazham (small banana).

Thousands of devotees have found relief after visiting the temple and making offerings.

Various rituals and pujas are held in the temple during Karkidakam month (July – August).

The shrine is located amidst paddy fields. There is a separate designated area for the worship of Nagaraja and Nagayakshi.

Another important ritual in the temple is Vellam Kudi ritual it is held on Karutha Vavu or Amavasya day (no moon day) in Kumbham, Karkidakam and Thulam months.

The important days in a week in the temple are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Not just humans, many important elephants of the region have found relief to their skin related problems after offering prayers in the temple.