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If You Have Understood Reality You Need Nothing

If a person has truly understood reality then the person will need nothing. Reality is going back to the source of your consciousness. Even in a tiny seed the huge Banyan tree is contained. You just have to go to that seed that beingness of I am and then realize truth from there.

All forms are impermanent. But the one consciousness in all moveable and immoveable is the same. You are that.

True knowledge is that alone which leads you to the realization that all animate and inanimate is birthless and deathless.

Instead of getting lost in all kinds of dogmas and beliefs, one should try to know the original state, which is without any attributes.

Know that you true state is attribute-less and beyond words and concepts. Everything in the world is constantly changing but due to our ignorance we do not realize it and think it to be permanent. Pause for a while and you will realize the futility of the impermanent world.

The consciousness of “you are” is like an innocent child, but the moment it identifies with the objective world the child immediately loses its innocence. So all these things in the objective world cannot give you the true or lasting happiness, so one has to return back to the inner-Self or Reality of one’s Beingness. (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)