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Dreaming Of Funeral Gathering – Meaning

Dreaming of funeral gathering is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will hear sad or bad news. It also suggests that in near future you will be attending functions related to death. Visit to hospital. Dreams of funeral gathering are a sign of sudden problems in life due to death or accident of a family member or colleague.

Dream of funeral gathering and you are absent in the dream and you only see other people means threat to your life. It means you might face accidents or sudden health issues in near future.

Dreaming of funeral gathering and you are present in the dream means life threatening health issues or accidents to a friend, relative or family member. It also means you will have to return back to your hometown due to an emergency.

Dreams of funeral gathering and you wake up terrified or sad means you will soon face problems in life due to the departure of a key member in family or at the workplace.