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Dreaming Of Food – Meaning

Dreaming of food is a positive sign and progress as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will achieve a goal of yours. It also means travel to new places or invitation to a big event or party. Dreams of food mean peace and you should not take rest and settle down.

Dream of food and you are present in the dream means change of luck and success. It also means you will get free time. The dream is also asking you to give importance to basics so that you can achieve your goals in near future.

Dreaming of food and you see other people means progress and achievement. It also means recognition.

Dreams of food that you eat regularly means it is time for you to make savings as there will be trouble in near future.

Dream of food that you have never eaten means vacation or transfer. It also means you will go to a distant location.

Dreaming of bad food means health issues and bad luck.