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Dreaming Of Flying In Helicopter – Meaning

Dreaming of flying in helicopter and its meaning depends on situation and your reaction. If you are happy in the dream means success and desire fulfillment. It also means travel. Dreams of flying in helicopter and you are worried or terrified or crying is a sign of unexpected problems in life due to natural calamities or accidents. It also means travel plans gone wrong.

Dream of flying helicopter and you see other people mean honor or acceptance. It is a sign of reward or you becoming popular due to some action of yours.

Dreaming of helicopter crashing is associated with failure and fear. Unwanted thoughts and negativity will soon result in losing something you had in your grasp.

Dreams of colorful helicopter are sign of victory, new place and good opportunity.

Dream of several helicopters together is a sign of competition. It also means sudden political upheaval in your area. It is sign of problems related to crowd or natural calamity.