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Dreaming Of Ex Colleagues – Meaning

Dreaming of ex colleagues is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be invited back to an old workplace. It also means people who had once not supported you will realize your value and will call you back. Dreams of ex colleagues also means get together, marriage or awards in near future.

Dream of ex colleagues and you do not see yourself in the dream means you will make attempts to take back your old job. It also means you might get a fresh offer from on old place of work. It also means renewed interest in a field you had worked earlier on.

Dreams of ex colleagues and you are present in the dream means return back to old ways. It also means you will hear news about someone you had worked with and this might cause some kind of disturbance.

Dreaming of ex colleagues and you wake up happy it is a sign of progress and new opportunity.

Dream of ex colleagues and you wake up unhappy or terrified means an old problem will come back to haunt you.