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Dhooliyanga Bhagavathy Theyyam – Ghooliyan Kavu Bhagavathy Theyyam

Dhooliyanga Bhagavathy theyyam, also known as Ghooliyan Kavu Bhagavathy theyyam is a Goddess Bhagavathy theyyam worshipped in temples in Kannur district, Kerala. Legend has it that this form of Goddess Bhagavathi appeared from a homa kundam prepared by Shiva. This form of Goddess Shakti is propitiated by Manthravadis and by those who practice black magic. She is also worshipped by Shakteya worshipers and tantric practitioners including Tantriishwaranmar.

Ghooliyan Kavu Bhagavathy Theyyam

The Goddess is worshipped as main deity in many temples and also upa devata or subsidiary deity.

Temples dedicated to this form of Goddess Bhagavathi include Kannur Cherukunnu Kunnanangad Gurikkalotu Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Kunhimangalam Kuthirummal Kolangarath Valappil Gooliyanga Bhagavathy Kavu, Kannur Pattuvam Muthukuda Dhooliyankavu Bhagavathi Kavu and Kannur Pazhayangadi Aduthila Guliyanka Bhagavathy Temple.