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Chambramundachali Tharavadu Sree Vayanattu Kulavan Temple

Chambramundachali Tharavadu Sree Vayanattu Kulavan temple is located at Kannothumchal - Kakkad in Kannur, Kerala. This is a family owned shrine. Apart from the presiding deities, the temple has as separate shrines of nagas, Gulikan and Elledathu Bhagavathi. The temple is famous for the annual theyyam ritual.

Prathishta dinam and Kavukayarl in the temple is held on Makaram 5 (January 19) and Thira - Theyyam is held on Makaram 6 (January 19 or January 20).

Vishukkani is observed in the temple on Medam 1 (April 14 or April 15). Sarpabali is held on Ayilyam nakshatra day in Medam month.

Puthari is held on the first day of Thulam 1. Shakteya puja is held on the Amavasya day in Thula masam. Guru and Devi puja is held all Thursdays in Thulam month.