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Chambakkara Vaishnava Gandharva Swamy Temple – Rare Temple Dedicated To Gandharvas

Chambakkara Vaishnava Gandharva Swamy temple is located on Chambakkara - Kannadikadu Road near Maradu in Ernakulam district, Kerala. This is a very rare Hindu temple which is dedicated to Gandharva. The shrine lies on the banks of Poorna River.

As per history, the temple belonged to an Ezhava family of the region. The temple was then located amidst a thick grove. Gandharva puja and Sarpa puja was held in the temple then. The temple used to give Kashayam (Ayurvedic medicine) as prasadam and this used to cure various diseases.

The temple is now managed by followers of Sri Narayana Guru (Vijnana Pradarshani Yogam).

The beautiful shrine with a chathura sreekovil faces east. In the sanctum sanctorum, there is a unique murti of Gandharva. He stands with folded hands facing the rising sun. The murti is in benign form and showers his blessings on all those who have darshan of him.

The temple has a special designated spot for worship of nagas.

Wednesday is the most important day in the shrine. On the day there is special neivilakku (ghee lamps) offering. Sarpam pattu offering to nagas are also held on the day.

The main rituals observed in the temple include Illam nira and niraputhari in Chingam month, Navratri with vidyarambham, and Shivratri.

The shrine is also famous for observing the annual Karkidaka Vavu Bali and Pithru Tharpanam on the Vavu or Amavasya day in Karkidakam month (July – August).

Various other pujas for peace and prosperity of the family are held at the shrine.

In Hinduism, Gandharvas are celestial singers and musicians. The root word of Gandharva is ‘gandha’ meaning scent. It is stated that Gandharvas appeared from Brahma’s nose. Some scriptures are of the view that Gandharvas are sons of Sage Kashyapa.