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Adi Kadalayi Sri Krishna Temple – History - Festival

Adi Kadalayi Sri Krishna temple is located at Kadalayi in Kannur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. When Tipu Sultan attacked this place, the murti of Sri Krishna worshipped here was transferred from here to Chirakkal Kadalayi.

The temple is located on spot where the Gosala of the original temple was located.

The temple has an ornate square sanctum sanctorum. The sankalpam of Sri Krishna here is that of child form – Balakrishna. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple include Ganapati, Ayyappa and Bhagavathy.

Adi Kadalayi Sri Krishna Temple History

The Kadalayi fort of Kolathiri was at Kararinakam Kadalayi near the beach. The Kadalayi Sri Krishna murti which was originally worshipped in Dwaraka was consecrated in the temple inside the fort. During the attack of Tipu Sultan the murti worshipped here was transferred to Chirackal and consecrated in the temple constructed there later.

The annual festival in the temple is held for three days starting on Punartham nakshatra in Makaram month. The annual festival is famous caparisoned elephants, melam and other Vaishnava temple pujas and rituals.