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Adhara Pana Ritual Atop Puri Jagannath Chariots

Adhara Pana ritual is performed on the day before Bhagwan Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra are taken inside the sanctum sanctorum of Puri Jagannath Temple after the completion o the famous Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra. The Adhara Pana is a sweet drink and it is performed on the three chariots parked in front of the temple.

The ritual is dedicated to Parshwa Devatas or Rath Rakshyaks – the subsidiary deities on each chariot. The subsidiary deities accompany the three main deities on their journey to the Gundicha Temple. The subsidiary deities guard the three main deities.

Adhara Pana ritual is only offered to the Parshwa Devatas. A total of nine barrel-shaped terracotta urns containing a sweet drink is poured on the Parshwa Devatas and the urns are later broken atop the chariot to please the invisible spirits following the chariots.

Adhara Pana is made of milk, cheese, sugar, banana, camphor and spices including black pepper and nutmeg. At the time of offering of Adhara Pana, Bhitarachha, Taluchha and Palia Puspalaka hold a new cloth in front of the deities. Pani Apata servitors collectively bring hundred of pots of water from a well (near Singhadwar) and pour it on to a big brass container which is kept on the chariots. This is then mixed with Adhara Pana.

It is believed the urns are broken atop the chariot also to release invisible spirits.

The ritual is performed after the noon meal.