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Story Of Daksha Cursing Narada

Daksha Prajapati was the manasaputra or mind born son of Brahma. So too was Narada. There is an interesting story in the Puranas which talks about Daksha cursing Narada. Daksha was given the role of procreating living beings on earth by Brahma.

Daksha Prajapati fathered five thousand children, called the Haryaswaas. This he did, not through conjugal relationship with his wife, Prasooti Devi, but by exercising his will or through Sankalpa Srishti. Daksha was not supposed to father children through Sankalpa Srishti. He was to father children through Samparka Srishti – create progeny through union with his wife.

Sage Narada, who heard about this transgression of Daksha, met the five thousand Haryaswas and won their hearts with his spiritual discourse. Sage Narada exhorted them to strive after knowledge and seek to decipher the secrets of the cosmos. Haryaswas were convinced by the teaching of Narada and they set out in search of enlightenment and lost themselves in their eternal quest.

Due to the intervention of Narada, the five thousand children of Daksha Prajapati did not wish to procreate and this made Daksha angry.

Daksha now created another thousand children through Sankalpa Srishti and they were known as Sabalawas. Narada again intervened and stopped them from procreating. They too set out to find answers to the great secret of the universe.

Daksha who came to know that it was Narada who caused his children to be disinterested in the world cursed the sage to be a perpetual wanderer like his children.

Daksha then approached Brahma for a solution. Brahma told Daksha that his method of creation was wrong and Narada was right in interfering with his method of creation.

Brahma then told Daksha that creation on earth must be intimate which establishes blood relationships and creates strong bonds. Daksha was asked to adopt Samparka Srishti or creation through sexual union with his wife Prasooti Devi.