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Sign Of A Person With Correct Knowledge As Per Hindu Religion

What is the lakshana indicative quality, mark, sign or characteristic of a jnani (a person with correct knowledge)?, to which Sri Ramana Maharshi replied.

The jnani is like a fan or a veena. If a fan or veena is left untouched, it will remain still and silent, but if anyone waves a fan, it will give a cool and pleasant breeze, and if anyone plays a veena, it will make beautiful music. Likewise, if no one asks the jnani anything or disturbs him in any other way, he will remain quiet, but if anyone kindles him in an appropriate manner, he will reveal many wonderful truths.

Hearing this, Sadhu Om composed a Tamil verse expressing this idea, and then remarked:

The jnani is like a calm pool of water. Left undisturbed, the pool remains still, but if a stone is thrown in it, ripples will begin radiating from the point the stone touches the surface. Likewise, of his own accord the jnani will not say anything, but if he is asked any questions, apt answers will emerge from him.

On a previous occasion Sadhu Om told that Sri Ramana Maharshi sometimes compared the jnani to a radio. We hear a radio talking or singing, but if we open it we will find no one inside.

Once when Sri Ramana Maharshi used this analogy, a devotee asked him, ‘If there is no one inside, then from where do your answers come?’, to which he replied: The answer comes from the same source as the question.