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Randal In Hindu Religion – Wife Of Surya – Sun God

In Hindu religion, Randal is the wife of Surya – the sun god. The worship of Randal as the goddess is mainly prevalent in Saurashtra. Randal is looked upon as the Goddess of fertility and is worshipped in order to beget children. She is also worshiped for peace, happiness and wealth.

Randal is the corrupt form of the original Sanskrit word Rajni; from Rajni it became in Prakrit, Ranni, and from it developed as Rannadevi and Randal Devi and ultimately Randal. According to another opinion, the word Randal is derived from Rannadevi. Rannadevi became Ratnada – Rananade – ranade and ultimately Randal. Onemore opinion prevails among scholars that Rani became Rayana and ultimately, Randal. Whatever may be the case, Randal is worshiped as the wife of Surya.

According to a Vedic legend, the daughter of Vishwakarma was married to Surya. But the dazzling brightness and heat of the sun became unbearable to this girl. Once she left the house of her husband, and her husband followed her. He found her under a tree in the form of a mare. He also took the form of a horse, wooed her and brought her back. This wife of Surya is none other than Randal.

When there is a marriage or any such good occasion in the family, ‘Randal’ is invited in Saurashtra. Women go to the potter’s house, collect a horse made of clay, bring it to the house and install it near a sacred place. The festival is observed, at times, for nine days. All the women join in singing.

The main temple of Randal is situated at Dadava, which is 5 km from Dhara junction in the district of Bhavanagar. Probundar and Kindarakheda are also known for her temples. There are numerous Surya mandirs (Sun temples) on the west coast of Saurashtra, and many small temples of Randal are found by their side.